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Mary Jane Saunders

Dr. Mary Jane Saunders
  • Professor
  • FAU Biological Sciences
  • 561 297-3501 (Boca Raton)
  • Boca Raton - SC, 218


  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts - Amherst, 1982

Research Interests

  • Nanostructures

Research Description

As a long time university and scientific administrator (Louisiana State University, University of South Florida, National Science Foundation, Cleveland State University, and Florida Atlantic University) I am interested in federal, state and university support for the sciences, especially infrastructure needs. I have a special interest in recruitment and retention of minority students in science.

I am currently doing research on nanostructures using transmission electron microscopy and polarized light microscopy. My teaching areas are introductory biology, plant cell biology, analytical microscopy, grant writing and professional scientific communication.

Recent Publications

  • Xie, T.Z., Guo, K., Guo, Z., Gao, W.Y., Wojtas, L., Ning, G.H., Huang, M., Lu, X., Li, J.Y., Liao, S.Y., Chen, Y.S., Moorefield, C.N., Saunders , M.J., Cheng, S.C.D., Wesdemiotis, C. and Newkome, G.R. (2015). Precise molecular fission and fusion: Quantitative self-assembly and chemistry of a metallo-cuboctahedron. Angew Chem Int Ed 54:9224-9229. Chosen by editors as “Very Important Paper”, chosen for cover of journal and written up as “Eureka moment in supramolecular chemistry” in Chemistry
  • Xie, T.Z., Endres, K.J.,  Guo, Z., Ludlow,III J.M., Moorefield, C.N., Saunders, M.J., Wesdemiotis, C., Newkome, G.R. (2015). Controlled Interconversion of fac-Bistriangle, Octahedron and Cuboctahedron Cages Constructed Using a Single Terpyridinyl-based Polyligand and Zn2+. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138 (38) 12344-12347.
  • Caruso J*, Israel N, Rowland K, Lovelace M, Saunders M.J. (2016). Citizen Science: The Small World Initiative Improved Lecture Grades and California Critical Thinking Skills Test Scores of Non-science Major Students at Florida Atlantic University. J. Microbiol. Biol. Educ. 17(1):156-162 doi:10.1128/jmbe.v17i1.1011 *In memory of Dr. Joe Caruso, 2014 Small World Initiative Partner Instructor, 2008-09 National Academies of Sciences Education Fellow, and a beloved and innovative teacher.
  • Ludlow,III J.M., Saunders, M.J ., Huang, M., Guo, Z., Moorefield, C.N., Cheng, S.Z., Wesdemiotis, C., Newkome, G.R. (2017). Amphiphilic Metallotriangles: Synthesis, Characterization and Hierarchical Ordering" Supramolecular Chemistry, 29:69-79.

Scholarly Activities

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