Integrative Biology-Neuroscience Concentration Program Faculty

NameArea of Emphasis
Blakely, Randy D.Synaptic Genetics, Neurochemistry and Pharmacology; Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Transporter Proteins and Psychoactive Drugs
Blanks, JanetMammalian retinal development, differentiation and neuroprotection
Bolton, M. McLeanDisorders of neural circuit function
Bressler, StevenCognitive Neurodynamics
Carvelli, LuciaMolecular mechanisms of drug addiction; pharmacology and physiology of dopaminergic synapses
Christie, JasonMechanisms of synaptic signaling and computation
Claiborne, Brenda J.Neuronal development in human hippocampal formation and learning in aged individuals
Davis, Ronald L.Molecular and cellular basis for learning; diseases that affect learning and memory
Dawson-Scully, Ken Neurobiology of cellular stress and neuroprotection using live cell imaging, electrophysiology and behavior genetics
Fenton, AndreNeuro coordination, recording electrical brain activity
Fields, Gregg B.Extracellular matrix biochemistry, synthetic protein design and construction
Fitzpatrick, DavidFunctional organization and development of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex, neural basis of visual perception
Godenschwege, TanjaMolecular and cellular neuroscience, neurodevelopment, cellular basis of neurological disorders and drug discovery
Grill, BrockMolecular mechanisms of nervous system development
Guthrie, KathleenNeurobiology
Isgor, CeylanNeuromorphological, behavioral and molecular consequences of chronic, variable stress during peripubertal-juvenile period in rats
Ja, WilliamMolecular genetics of aging, behavior and disease
Jia, KailiangMolecular regulation of aging
Keene, AlexNeurogenetics and the evolution of behavior
Kwon, HyungbaeUnderstanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of experience-dependent neural circuit modification using a mouse model
Macleod, GregMitochondrial support of neurotransmission, pH influences on synaptic plasticity, neurotransmission and aging
Martemyanov, KirillStriatal signaling and drug addiction, G protein signal transduction pathways, molecular mechanisms of vision
Miller, CourtneyNeurobiological underpinnings of memory disorders, with the goal of developing novel therapeutics
Milton, Sarah L.Vertebrate anoxia tolerance, marine turtle physiology
Murphey, RodDevelopment and degeneration of synapses
Puthanveettil, SathyanarayananMolecular and cellular basis of long-term memory storage and its disorders
Rumbaugh, GavinHow synaptic proteins actively contribute to memory formation and storage
Schummers, JamesCortical circuits
Shen, WenNeurophysiology, receptor pharmacology, synapsis, glutamate toxicity
Stackman, Jr., Robert W.Learning and memory
Taniguchi, Hiroki Development and function of inhibitory neural circuits
Tao, RuiNeural circuits affected by drug abuse, Psychostimulant-induced hallucinations, Environmental factor-dependent effects of psychostimulants
Tomchik, SethNeuromodulation of memory circuits, neuronal circuits and behavior, imaging brain function in health and disease
Vertes, RobertBehavioral neuroscience, functional organization of the brainstem and its role in controlling the activity of the forebrain and neurophysiology of sleep
Wei, JianningNeurodegenerative disorders
Weissbach, Herbert Effect of oxidative stress on normal and cancer cells
Wu, Jang YenNeurotransmission and brain disorders
Xu, BaojiHow neural circuits are formed, modified, and maintained in the brain
Yasuda, RyoheiNeuronal signal transduction