2018 GPSA Research Day Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 9th Annual GPSA Research Day!

Health Science

Jordan Merritt, Integrative Biology Ph.D. Program

"An In-Vitro Malaria naive Host Model Correlating Parasitic PfEMP1 Domain Specificity and Avidity Toward Cell Surface Receptor CD36 with Phagocytic Efficiency by Monocyte-like THP-1 Cells"

Nirthieca Suthakaran, Biomedical Sciences M.S. Program

"The Effects of MsrA and MsrB in Anoxia Tolerance in Aging Drosophila melanogaster"


Rashean Graham, Biological Sciences M.S. Program

"Bioinformatics to Identify Cancer Immune Evasion Target"

Sean Paz, Ph.D. Integrative Biology Ph.D. Program

"The Role of SRSF1 on Cellular Gene Expression"

Community Engaged Research

Vincenza Ladevaia, Comparitive Studies Ph.D. Program

"Digital Archive: Italian-Americans Oral History Collection"

Tasso Cocoves, Environmental Science M.S. Program

"Prey Composition of Nesting White Ibis in the Southern Everglades" 

Humanities and Social Science

Kristina Bielskus-Barone, Exceptional Student Education Ed.D. Program

"The Effects of Practice Within Flipped Instruction for Professional Development: Teaching Preservice Teachers Literacy Based Behavioral Interventions"

Lazaro Camacho Jr., Educational Leadership Ph.D. Program

"No Role Models: The Experience of Black and Latino Men in a Mentorship Program at a Two-year Hispanic Serving Institution"

Engineering and Computer Science

Alamgir Kabir, Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Program

"Development of a Diagnostic Assay for Rapid Detection and Quantification of Zika Virus"

Mazhar Sher, Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Program

"Development of a Paper-based Biosensor for the Electrical Quantification of CD4+ T Cells"

Mathematics and Physics

Panagiota Galanakou, Physics Ph.D. Program

"Radio-Biological Consequences Due To Applicator Displacement that Required Replanning"

Aaron Hutchinson, Mathematics Ph.D. Program

"Supersingular Isogeny-based Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange"