Biology Announcements

The following is a list of the latest news from the Department of Biological Sciences. For more general stories or announcements, please visit the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science homepage, the Jupiter Life Science Initiative webpage, and the Owl Research & Innovation Magazine.


May 26, 2017

Decoding the Songs of Bachman Sparrow. FAU researchers in the Biological Sciences Department are listening to the songs of Bachman Sparrows to determine communication patterns. 


May 18, 2017

The FAU Hall of Fame & Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to Dr. Phil DeYoung and his mentor Dr. Ram Narayanan of the Biological Sciences Department for receiving a Distinguished Alumni Award! 


May 12, 2017

The Flies on the Beach 2017 Research Symposium. This year the annual Drosophila Neurobiology Research Symposium welcomed over 80 Drosophila researchers from south Florida to FAU's John D. MacArthur Jupiter campus.   


May 5, 2017

The John Nambu Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program These are exciting and once-in-a-lifetime chances to perform research in sophisticated neuroscience labs.  Congratulations to the 2017 Nambu REU scholarship recipients! 


April 25, 2017

The Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine's Graduate Student Research Day. Congratulations to IB PhD student Jordan Merritt for winning first place in the competition. Congratulations to Caryoln Coles and Patricia Louis for winning second and third place, respectively!


April 17, 2017

The Department of Biological Sciences Honors Thesis Proposal Defense. Congratulations to all of the undergraduate researchers currently part of the Honors Thesis Program in Biology that have recently presented their research. 


April 13, 2017

Undergraduate Researcher of the Year for the College of Science. Congratulations to Sabah Ali, member of Dr. Rindy Anderson's laboratory. He is a shining example of the success of FAU's undergraduate research programs.


April 12, 2017

Do Songbirds Just Sound Smart? Dr. Rindy Anderson publishes first study to focus on song learning accuracy versus song complexity to test the theory that song is a measure of cognitive ability


April 11, 2017

New Way to Identify Sea Turtles' Sex. IB PhD student, Boris Tezak, and Drs. Jeanette Wyneken and Kathleen Guthrie publish a paper demonstrating a new way to identify baby sea turtles' gender. 


April 10, 2017

Seventh Annual FAU Broward Student Research Symposium. Congratulations to Saheed Oluwasina Oseni, Sanjoy Barman, Vannia Arana  and  Caitlyn Montero  who emerged as winners.


April 4, 2017

Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium 2017. Congratulations to the Department of Biological Sciences undergraduate winners for presenting their exciting research projects. 


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