Biology Announcements

The following is a list of the latest news from the Department of Biological Sciences. For more general stories or announcements, please visit the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science homepage, the Jupiter Life Science Initiative webpage, and the Owl Research & Innovation Magazine.


September 25, 2018

FAU Among Most Ethnically Diverse Universities. For the second year in a row, U.S. News and World Report has included Florida Atlantic University on the list of the most ethnically diverse universities in the United States.


September 20, 2018

Sea Turtle Research at Gumbo Limbo. This video features the FAU Lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center where Dr. Jeanette Wyneken, Professor of Biology, is doing a variety of sea turtle research such as the gender-ratio of hatchlings, swimming mechanics, and anatomy.


September 15, 2018

Review Article Receives Record Views. Congratulations to Karim Dawkins, IB PhD student, and his PhD supervisor Dr. Nwadiuto Esiobu, Professor of Biology, for achieving a milestone 5,000 views on their Frontiers in Plant Science publication!


September 10, 2018

IB PhD Candidate Publishes Paper. Congratulations to Boris Tezak, PhD candidate who works in the laboratory of Dr. Jeanette Wyneken- Professor of Biology, for publishing an article in Journal of Experimental Biology!


September 5, 2018

Biology Faculty Featured in National Magazine. Dr. Sarah Milton, Associate Professor of Biology and Integrative Biology Program Associate Director, is featured in a one-page spread in the September 2018 National Geographic Kids magazine for her sea turtle research.


September 1, 2018

2018-19 Biology Graduate Fellowship Recipients. Congratulations to this year's Graduate College Fellowship awardees!


August 27, 2018

IB PhD Candidate Wins Scholarship and Presents Abroad. Katherine Galloway, who works under the direction of Dr. Marianne Porter, recently received the 2018 Marine Technology Society Student Scholarship for Graduate Students and traveled to Italy to present her research at the 2018 Society of Experimental Biology Conference.


August 23, 2018

New IBNS Student Publishes Paper. Morgan Slevin, who works with Dr. Rindy Anderson, has recently published a paper in Avian Conservation & Ecology.


August 20, 2018

JLSI Names New Associate Director. Dr. Laura Vernon, Associate Professor of Psychology at the Honors College, has recently been appointed to the role of Associate Director of the Jupiter Life Science Initiative.


August 16, 2018

Hot Temperature Impacts Turtles. Not a single male turtle has been found in seven of the last ten years Dr. Jeanette Wyneken, Professor of Biology, has studied them. Warmer temperatures may be to blame, she recently told CBS This Morning.


August 13, 2018

IBNS Student Publishes Paper. Congratulations to Ke Zhang, who works in the laboratory of Dr. Jason Christie at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, who recently published a co-authored paper in the scientific journal Neuron.


August 8, 2018

FAU Professors Debunk Myths. Check out the latest video of FAU faculty debunking common myths!


August 6, 2018

IB PhD Alumnus Receives 2018 BioOne Ambassador Award. Congratulations to Dr. Larry Wood, IB alum who worked with Dr. Sarah Milton, for receiving this award that honors early career researchers!


August 3, 2018

Scientist Joins JLSI Research Space and the FAU Brain Institute/College of Medicine. Dr. Henriette van Praag, an Associate Professor of Biomedical Science and Biology graduate programs faculty, will strengthen FAU's faculty expertise in neuroscience and aging.


August 1, 2018

Small Non-coding RNA Expression and Vertebrate Anoxia Tolerance . Dr. Sarah Milton, IB Program Associate Director and Associate Professor of Biology, recently published an article in the scientific journal Frontiers in Genetics.


July 30, 2018

Differential tuning of excitation and inhibition shapes direction selectivity in ferret visual cortex. IBNS-IMPRS alum, Dr. Dan Wilson, recently published in the scientific journal Nature. Wilson worked under the direction of Dr. David Fitzpatrick at MPFI located on the FAU Jupiter campus.


July 27, 2018

Where Baby White Sharks ‘Hang Out’ in the North Atlantic. Dr. Matthew Ajemian, HBOI Research Scientist and Biology graduate programs faculty, us confirms the movement patterns and seasonal migrations of baby white sharks in the north Atlantic Ocean.


July 25, 2018

Unique Sea Animal Encounters. Dr. Shirley Pomponi, HBOI Research Scientist and Biology graduate programs faculty, shares how she got into marine and biomedical research, and some of the most unique sea animals she’s seen on countless dives.


July 23, 2018

IB PhD Candidate Featured on the PADI Website. Chelsea Bennice aka "Octogirl" was recently featured on the PADI website for using scuba diving in her research! Congratulations on the feature article Chelsea!


July 20, 2018

2018 REU Program Student Presentations. This year the Nambu REU scholarship recipients from six research laboratories presented their summer research projects. Faculty mentors included Drs. Ken Dawson-Scully, Alex Keene, Erik Duboue, Tanja Godenschwege, Bob Stackman, and Randy Blakely.


July 16, 2018

Alex Keene Featured on PBS SciTech Now Episode. Dr. Alex Keene discusses his research on sleep using the Mexican cavefish as a model system.


July 13, 2018

FAU Partnerships Create Opportunities for Students. Local biotech companies in connection with the FAU Jupiter campus offer new skills training and potential internships for FAU students.


July 9, 2018

Nerve regeneration study designs "closed-loop" system to study damaged nerve cells in real-time. Dr. Jianning Wei, Associate Professor of Biomedical Science and Biology graduate program faculty, is part of an interdisciplinary team of FAU scientists recently funded by the NIH.


July 6, 2018

Congratulations to Alexis Martin, Biology undergraduate, and her faculty mentor Dr. Diane Baronas-Lowell, Biology faculty member, for presenting at the 2018 Tiny Earth Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin. Her poster focused on the discovery of novel cyclic depsi-lipopeptide isolated from soil bacteria in Palm Beach County.


July 5, 2018

Inaugural recipients of the College of Science Initiative to Stimulate Extramural Research Funding: Internal Grants Program. Congratulations to Drs. Rindy Anderson and Erik Noonburg, Biology faculty members for receiving funding!  


July 2, 2018

Deep-sea Sponges May Hold Key to Antibiotic Drug Resistance. Drs. Peter McCarthy and Guojun Wang, Biology Graduate Program and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute faculty members, along with others, examined 50 actinobacteria strains from deep sea marine samples to look for new anti-infective agents.


June 28, 2018

Synaptic Functional Properties Study Awarded NIH Research Grant. Dr. Greg Macleod, Associate Professor in the Biological Sciences Department and Honors College and JLSI faculty member, has received a four-year NIH R01 grant for his collaborative project with Dr. Kathaleen O'Connor-Giles (University of Wisconsin-Madison).


June 25, 2018

Population Genomics Study Awarded NIH Research Grant. Dr. Alex Keene, Associate Professor in the Biological Sciences Department and JLSI faculty member, has received a four-year NIH R01 grant for his collaborative project with Dr. Suzanne McGaugh (University of Minnesota).


June 22, 2018

The Origins and Evolution of Sleep. Drs. Alex Keene and Erik Duboue, Biological Sciences and JLSI faculty members, published a review in the Journal of Experimental Biology that describes the contributions of classical and emergent genetic model systems to investigate mechanisms underlying sleep regulation and potentially identify novel drug targets and approaches to treat sleep-related diseases.


June 18, 2018

Congratulations to IB PhD alumnus Dr. Ramon Garcia-Areas for receiving a postdoctoral fellowship award from the PRESTIGE Programme in France!


June 12, 2018

2018 Neuroscience Pilot Awards. Congratulations to Biology and Jupiter Life Science Initiative faculty members for receiving 2018 Neuroscience Pilot Awards: Ken Dawson-Scully, Tanja Godenschwege, Kailiang Jia, Robert Stackman!


June 8, 2018

NSF-URM Publishes Paper. Congratulations to Leonardo Calle, who works in the laboratory of Dr. Gawlik, for publishing his research in the journal Ecological Monographs!


June 4, 2018

Congratulations to Nadia Sial, who works in the laboratory of Dr. Dawson-Scully, for being highlighted in the Owl Research & Innovation online magazine. Sial became one of the nation’s youngest medical students when she was accepted into the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine last year as the inaugural class of the FAU High School M.D. Direct pipeline program.


June 1, 2018

Congratulations to IB PhD student Stephanie Kelly and recent graduate Monica Risley, both of whom worked in the laboratory of Dr. Ken Dawson-Scully, for publishing two papers in the Journal of Experimental Biology and Invertebrate Neuroscience  in the last month!


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