Ramon Award 2018

Integrative Biology Alum Wins Award From the French Senate

Dr. Ramon Garcia-Areas, who received his doctorate from the Integrative Biology PhD program in 2016, has been working as a postdoc at the Curie Institute in Paris. Recently, he was awarded a medal of recognition from the French Senate for his work with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Honduran government to create research programs in Honduras.

Garcia-Areas is one of the few Honduran scientists currently working in France and this award is highlighting him at the beginning of his career for working to build relations between France and Honduras. The French Senate, thanks to the active participation of the Group of Ambassadors of Latin America and the Caribbean (GRULAC) and the Senate Friendship Group for Latin America, commemorates The Latin America and the Caribbean Day in France on May 31st each year. This national celebration was created to strengthen relations and highlight the shared values and links between France and the Latin America and Caribbean region. 

Since its establishment by the French Senate in 2011, this celebration has been enriched with new and varied activities, such as awarding medals of recognition to people of the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. This celebratory event has now evolved into Latin America and the Caribbean Week and includes a greater number of events throughout France in areas diverse as education, science, and culture.