SICB 2018

FAU Biology Shows Big Presence at SICB Annual Meeting 2018

Many faculty and students from the Department of Biological Sciences attended the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting that was held in San Francisco, CA from January 3-7th. Many Biology faculty members including Drs. Rindy Anderson, Marianne Porter, Stephen Kajiura, and Jeanette Wyneken along with several graduate students in both Biology Master's and Integrative Biology PhD programs presented their research by giving talks and poster presentations. Undergraduate researchers and Directed Independent Study (DIS) students from many Biology research laboratories also attended the conference. 

Integrative Biology PhD Students Talks:

  • "Pectoral fin rotation during yaw turns in a hammerhead species." Sarah Hoffmann - Porter Laboratory 
  • "Vertebral trabecular bone function through ontogeny in the Florida manatee ( T. manatus latirostris )."  Danielle Ingle - Porter Laboratory

Integrative Biology PhD Student Poster Presentations:

  • "Elasmobranch Olfactory Organ Morphology Inspires Physical Models." Ayse Demircan - Porter Laboratory
  • "Habitat Variation in Relation to Bachman's Sparrow Nest Success and Nestling Condition." Joe Niederhauser - Anderson Laboratory
  • "Puncture Performance of Red Lionfish, Pterois volitans, Spines on Buccal Skin from Grouper, Mycteroperca bonaci." Kate Galloway - Porter Laboratory

FAU Biology Student Poster Presentations:

  • "Testing Hypotheses About Song Type Matching in the Bachman's Sparrow (Peucea aestivalis)." Paula Ziadi - Anderson Laboratory
  • "Slice Slice Baby: A Cross Sectional Analysis of Shark Pectoral Fin Radials." Wilmer Lopez - Porter Laboratory
  • "Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Shark Skin Vary with Denticle Density and Collagen Fiber Angle." Doug Werry - Porter Laboratory


SICB 2018