Michelle Cavallo (Biology Graduate Coordinator) was presented the “Jeffrey Gabor Exemplary Employee Award” by FAU President Kelly               


Michelle Cavallo is playing a key role in helping students in the Department of Biological Sciences obtain master’s and doctoral degrees while simultaneously reducing costs to the university. Through careful planning in consultation with the student, she has reduced tuition waivers by thousands of dollars while increasing the department’s graduation rates. Additionally, she has done an excellent job of implementing the master’s along the way (MATW), which offers Ph.D. students the opportunity to earn master’s degrees simultaneously with the pursuit of their doctorates.

Cavallo was awarded the very prestigious Gabor Exemplary Employee Award at the Service Awards Ceremony, in the Live Oak Pavilion, on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. The ceremony was followed by a reception in the Grand Palm Room where posters of the special award winners (seven in total) were displayed.