NIH funds FAU undergraduate student in Greg Macleod’s lab

Roberto Hernandez (FAU Honors College Senior) was awarded a Research Supplement to Promote Diversity from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. This supplement will fund Hernandez’s work as a Research Assistant in Dr. Greg Macleod’s laboratory for twelve months commencing in June.

Hernandez will be working on Macleod’s NIH R01 grant entitled: "Neuronal Mechanisms Controlling Number and Function of Presynaptic Mitochondria”. He presented the results of his undergraduate thesis work performed in Macleod’s laboratory at the Honors College Symposium & Research Day on April 8, 2016 entitled: "Using Flies to Uncover the Basis of a Neurological Deficit in Humans" and graduates in May. When asked about Hernandez’s award, Macleod replied, "I am as excited for Roberto to start as he is. We will be able to conduct some experiments that we wouldn't otherwise get a chance to attempt…the riskier type of experiments that have a greater potential for discoveries."