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Tiny Earth at FAU reaches new heights!

After a very successful Fall 2018 semester, the students participating in Tiny Earth at FAU have discovered 147 new antibiotic producing bacterial isolates, bringing our total since Fall 2016 to 511 antibiotic producers.

Welcome to the Team!

Tiny Earth at FAU would like to welcome Whitney Blanchat, Kristen Buchanan, Mark Dawood, Brooke Hekker, Matthew LaBorde, Sabrina Lamour, Sydney Longfellow, Elizabeth May, Jose Porras and Thomas Mersch to the Spring 2019 team. Thank you for joining us in our search for antibiotic producing bacteria!

Our Tiny Earth Team Members conduct the experiments a week before the Tiny Earth Teaching Labs. So, every member is conducting unique research on their individual soil and bacteria.

In addition to our experiments conducted during weekly team meetings, other undergraduate research projects are underway! Amy Donne, Tamara Fakhoury, Renata Rigueira, Brittany Dehler, Henry Chen and Liz May have embarked on various research projects concerning data validation, research protocols and farther characterization of antibiotic producers.

Explore FAU Explore FAU Pic

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, Tiny Earth was showcased at Explore FAU. Vilte Butkute (committee chair), Maggie Elkin, Alexis Martin, Valentina Goldberg and Diane Baronas-Lowell, Ph.D. engaged prospective high school seniors and their families in Tiny Earth’s research-based curriculum using agar plates. Pictured (left to right): Valentina Goldberg, Maggie Elkin, Alexis Martin and Vilte Butkute.

Become Part of the Tiny Earth Team at FAU

To join the Tiny Earth Team at FAU, contact Diane Baronas-Lowell, Ph.D.