Biology Master's Program and Professional Science Masters in Business Biotechnology (P.S.M.) Admissions Requirements

The Biology Master’s Program admits new students twice per year for entry in fall and spring.  Biology Department deadlines for submission of applications to the MS and P.S.M. Programs are:

  • Fall Term: January 15th

  • Spring Term: October 1st

Admission will be based upon academic record (“B” or better average on the last 60 hours of undergraduate credits or established graduate level proficiency), letters of recommendation (three are required), statement of goals and interest, and minimum GRE scores of Verbal = 151 and Quantitative = 148. GRE scores older than 5 years will not be accepted. A Graduate student Biology Faculty Advisor Verification Form. 

Although an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences is the usual mode of preparation, applicants from other fields of science such as mathematics, computer sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences are welcome and considered individually. Undergraduate training is expected to include introductory biology, calculus, physics, and biochemistry. Deficiencies in these preparatory courses can be corrected by taking courses or by passing equivalency exams. The student’s Advisor and Graduate Supervisory Committee will be responsible for deciding which of these deficiencies must be corrected before the student completes the graduate degree. Additionally, up to 1/3 of the credits required for a degree track might be taken at FAU as a non- degree seeking student and applied to their graduate degree requirements. Master's programs may accept a maximum of 6 graduate credits earned from another institution beyond a baccalaureate degree.

Applicants who show promise, but fail to meet the department's minimum standards, can be admitted on "conditional status." Such students must complete a minimum of two (2) graduate courses taken for a letter grade (not S/U) with a minimum of ‘B” grade in each class. Satisfactory performance in these courses will enable the student to be reevaluated by the MS Graduate Programs in Biology Committee for official entry into the graduate program. Excluding summer terms (when graduate class offerings are limited), conditionally-admitted students should complete the two (2) graded courses in their first term (either fall or spring, depending upon when they were admitted).

 Students who are accepted must register for classes for the term in which they were accepted - there are no deferments. Students who do not register in their initial term will have their records deactivated and, thus, will need to reapply if they wish to be considered for future enrollment.