Marine Science Departmental Faculty

Marine science remains a dynamic and growing field in FAU’s Department of Biological Sciences. Students and scientists can easily access a great variety of marine habitats ranging from estuarine to coastal to blue water. Mangrove communities abound, as do coastal reefs and the nearby Gulf Stream Current. Tropical and subtropical fauna and flora characterize the region. The proximity to both natural coastline and urbanization provides intriguing opportunities for comparisons of pristine and degraded habitats. FAU and the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution (HBOI) partner to provide students and faculty with an extraordinary combination of facilities, opportunities and locations for training and research in marine science. FAU’s marine biologists are locally, nationally and internationally respected for their research in marine conservation, physiology and behavior, sensory biology of marine vertebrates (particularly sea turtles and fishes) and invertebrates and for coastal ecology and nutrient cycling. HBOI is internationally known for its coastal, ship, and submersible-based research in marine science, biomedical marine research, aquaculture, and ocean engineering.

FAU’s Department of Biological Sciences faculty members view integration of disciplines as a defining characteristic to understanding scientific principles. The department offers a Ph.D. Program in Integrative Biology, Masters degrees and Bachelors degrees.

NameArea of Emphasis
Baldwin, John D.Population genetics and reproductive biology
Brooks, RandyMarine behavioral ecology, symbiology, coral reefs
Esiobu, NwadiutoEnvironmental microbiology, drug resistance and antimicrobiosis
Kajiura, StephenFunctional morphology and sensory biology of marine fish
Koch-Rose, MargueriteMarine botany, nutrient cycling and climate change in tropical marine systems
Milton, Sarah L.Vertebrate anoxia tolerance, marine turtle physiology
Porter, Marianne E.Biomechanics and functional morphology and physiology
Salmon, MichaelAnimal behavior
Theisen, Tim C.Movement patterns, population structure and physiology of marine fish
Wyneken, JeanetteIntegrative biology, comparative and functional morphology

Associated Faculty