Biology Masters Program Degree Requirements

The Biology Department of Florida Atlantic University offers two Masters degrees: the Master of Science (M.S.) and the Professional Science Masters with a Major in Business Biotechnology (P.S.M.) as well as one fast-track (five year) Bachelors to Masters (B.S./M.S.) program.  The fast-track program is targeted for the highly motivated and academically talented student with a strong interest in going directly into a position with a biotechnology-oriented company or institute. This program also provides an excellent foundation for pursuing the PhD degree.

Within the Master of Science degree program, students may choose between one thesis and two different non-thesis MS options: Master of Science ThesisMaster of Science Non-Thesis (Option #1), or Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T. - Option #2) .  The programs are tailored to the needs and interests of the student, in five areas: Biotechnology, Microbiology, Ecology, Marine Biology, and Environmental Sciences.  Students may enroll on a full or part-time basis; all receive guidance from a faculty advisor.  Normally, the degree is completed within two years full-time or four years part-time.  A Masters degree in biology prepares students for graduate study in Ph.D., health profession programs, teaching, research, or careers in business or government.  

Students enrolled in the Integrative Biology Ph.D. Program can opt to pursue a non-thesis Masters Along the Way (MATW) in Biology with the approval of their advisory committee, the M.S. Program Administration, and the PhD Program Administration.  

For detailed requirements for each of the above listed MS options, please see the Biology Masters Regulations under Forms and Policies.

Please note that, per the FAU Graduate College, all FAU graduate students must submit an electronic Plan of Study which must align with the program requirements detailed in the Masters Program Regulations document.  Biology Masters students must submit this plan within their first semester enrolled.