Appointments in the Department of Biological Sciences 

FAU and non-FAU faculty members who wish to participate in the Department of Biological Sciences programs via:

  • Serving as a co-prinicipal investigator (co-PI) on research grant proposals
  • Supervising advanced research/thesis/dissertation credits for graduate students
  • Serving as a voting member on Biology graduate student committees

Please send the following required documentation to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Stacee Caplan:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Biology Appointment Application
  • A letter of intent (see examples)
  • A letter of nomination from a Biology Department faculty member
  • Official Transcript (only for faculty teaching and/or listed as instructor of record for a course), please send directly to: 
    • Helen Randall
      CoS Dean’s Office
      SE 43  Room 412
      777 Glades Road
      Boca Raton, FL 33431

Appointments are voted on two times per year and valid for a maximum of five years.

  • Fall submission deadline: October 5th 
  • Spring submission deadline: February 25th 

To renew your appointment, please fill out both pages of the appointment application form and send it  to the Graduate Program Coordinator listed above .

For a list of types of appointments within the Biological Sciences Department, click here

*New Graduate College Policy: All thesis/dissertation committee members must obtain Graduate Faculty Status or the Graduate College will not acknowledge them as voting members of graduate student thesis/dissertation committees.

To view the Graduate Faculty list or check your status, click  here     

To view the Graduate College policy on affiliates and graduate faculty, click here.

To view the College of Science policy on affiliates and graduate faculty, click here.