Integrative Biology PhD Candidate Gets Artwork Featured on Book Cover

Thomas Parker, who works in the genetics laboratory of Dr. Kailiang Jia, recently had his artwork featured on the cover of Autophagy: Cancer, Other Pathologies, Inflammation, Immunity, Infection, and Aging - 1st Edition by M. A. Hayat  (Editor). Parker is a third year PhD student that recently advanced to candidacy. His research focuses on autophagy using the genetically tractable model system, C. elegans. Parker also has a Professional Science Master's degree from FAU as well. 

Book forward:  This is the eleventh volume on Autophagy edited by Professor M.A. (Eric) Hayat and published by Elsevier, and like its predecessors, it addresses a wide range of topics in autophagy. Volume 11 of the multivolume series, Autophagy: Cancer, Other Pathologies, Inflammation, Immunity, Infection, and Aging, is organized into two sections: Molecular Mechanisms and Role in Disease. The first section provides an overview and covers methods for monitoring and modulating autophagy as well as specific applications. Autophagy is important in regulating hepatic lipid metabolism and cell cycle regulators, and its interaction with proteasomal degradation pathways is an emerging field of interest. The second section addresses a number of topics relating to the role of autophagy in cancer, infection, atherosclerosis, and immune response. The number of publications on autophagy continues to expand as its many roles in health and disease are increasingly recognized, and new contexts are described. This issue brings out new insights on the relationship between the DNA damage response and autophagy, and like all of the chapters in this volume, promises to be exciting reading. This volume brings expert summaries of the state of the art, useful to both students and cognoscenti. Volume 11 represents an outstanding addition to this impressive series.


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