Enviromental Science Master's Program Faculty

NameArea of EmphasisInstitution
Ajemian, MatthewFisheries ecology and conservationFAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Anderson, RindyBehavioral ecology, communication, cognition, sexual selectionFAU College of Science
Baldwin, John D.Population genetics and reproductive biologyFAU College of Science
Benscoter, BrianPlant and wetland ecology and fire ecologyFAU College of Science
Brooks, RandyMarine behavioral ecology, symbiology, coral reefsFAU College of Science
Comas, XavierPeatland Geophysics: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Resistivity and Induced Polarization (IP) imaging, EM31FAU Geosciences
Dawson-Scully, Ken Neurobiology of cellular stress and neuroprotection using live cell imaging, electrophysiology and behavior geneticsFAU College of Science
Detwiler, KatePrimate hybridization and speciation, molecular primatology, primate behavioral ecology, conservation of African monkeys and their rainforest habitatsFAU College of Arts and Letters
Devlin , Donna J.Plant-invertebrate effects on community composition, primarily in estuarine and marine settings (mangrove and salt marsh communities)Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Dorn, NathanFreshwater ecology and community ecologyFAU College of Science
Esiobu, NwadiutoEnvironmental microbiology, drug resistance and antimicrobiosisFAU College of Science
Fadiman, MariaEthnobotany, Latin America, world cultures and environments, environmental issues, rain forest ecosystemsFAU Geosciences
Frazier, Evelyn MarquesEntomology, plant/insect interactionsFAU College of Science
Gawlik, DaleAvian and wetland ecologyFAU College of Science
Haky, JeromeStructure-activity relationships in gas and liquid chromatography, alumina-based chromatographic stationary phases, aluminum phosphonate complexes in solution and in the solid state, organometallic polymers as selective adsorbents, new methods for analysis of proteins, peptides and other biological compoundsFAU Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hanisak, M. DennisPhysiological Ecology of Marine Plants (Macroalgae and Seagrasses), Nutrient Dynamics, Coral Reef Ecology, Biology of Deep-water Macroalgae, Aquaculture (particularly Marine Plant Cultivation)Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Hanson, HowardAtmosphere-ocean interaction, boundary-layer meteorology, upper ocean processes, climate system feedback processes, climate system feedback processes, alternative/renewable energy strategiesFAU Geosciences
Hart, KristenPopulation-level studies of the ecology of herpetofauna and other wildlifeU.S. Geological Survey
Hindle, TobinEcological regeneration, strategies to integrate science, society and nature, geographical information scienceFAU Geosciences
Hughes, ColinEvolutionary and conservation geneticsFAU College of Science
Ivy, RussTransport network analysis, economic and socio-cultural impacts of tourism, urban revitalization, regional development and planning FAU Office of the Provost
Kajiura, StephenFunctional morphology and sensory biology of marine fishFAU College of Science
Koch-Rose, MargueriteMarine botany, nutrient cycling and climate change in tropical marine systemsFAU College of Science
Lapointe, BrianAlgal physiology and biochemistry, seagrass and coral reef ecology, eutrophication, marine bioinvasions, marine conservationHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Louda, WilliamEnvironmental biogeochemistry, chlorophylls, carotenoids, phycobiliproteins and sunscreen pigments, microalgal community assessment and water qualityFAU Chemistry and Biochemistry
Markwith, ScottBiogeography, biogeomorphology, population and conservation genetics, vegetation dynamics and disturbance, aquatic systemsDepartment of Geosciences, FAU
Meeroff, DanielSolid waste management, water chemistry, hazardous waste treatment, pollution prevention, water/wastewater treatment processes, green engineeringDepartment of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering, FAU
Milton, Sarah L.Vertebrate anoxia tolerance, marine turtle physiologyFAU College of Science
Mitsova, DianaEnvironmental modeling, climate change, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial statistics, land cover change modeling, network analysis, hazard assessmentSchool of Urban and Regional Planning, FAU
Moore, JonEcology, evolution, and distribution of fishes, biology of deep-sea animals, conservation and biodiversity of scrub and flatwood habitats in Florida, and herpetologyDepartment of Math/Sciences, Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College, FAU
Noonburg, ErikEcological modelingFAU College of Science
O'Corry-Crowe, GregInvestigating interactions between these apex predators and their environmentHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Oleinik, AntonCenozoic stratigraphy, molluscan paleontology, paleobiogeography and paleoclimates of high-latitude regionsDepartment of Geosciences, FAU
Owen, DianneInvasion biology, ecological modeling, landscape and community ecology, plant physiological ecologyFAU College of Science
Petuch, EdwardThe geology, biostratigraphy, and invertebrate paleontology of the Floridian Peninsula and the Atlantic Coastal PlainDepartment of Geosciences, FAU
Proffitt, C. EdwardEcology of marine macrophytes and invertebratesHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Qian, LianfenTime series analysis and regression modeling, survival analysis, environmental statistics, parameter and function estimation, weak convergence of stochastic processes and their applications to statisticsDepartment of Mathematical Sciences, FAU
Roberts, CharlesExtracting thematic information from remotely sensed imagery, reconstruction of past environments using remotely sensed dataDepartment of Geosciences, FAU
Root, TaraGround water chemistry, water-rock interaction, groundwater sustainabilityDepartment of Geosciences, FAU
Salmon, MichaelAnimal behaviorFAU College of Science
Santaniello, NielEnvironmental journalism, news writing, web research for journalismDepartment and Institution: School of Communication and Mutimedia Studies, FAU
Warburton, DavidEnvironmental geochemistry, especially in interactions between the terrestrial biosphere and the environment, and possible regulation of the environment by the biosphereDepartment of Geosciences, FAU
Wetterer, JamesBiogeography, ecology, and environmental impact of ants,biogeography and ecology of West Indian ants, distribution, impact, and control of exotic ants, impact of exotic ants on hatchling sea turtles in FloridaFAU Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College
Wyneken, JeanetteIntegrative biology, comparative and functional morphologyFAU College of Science
Xie, ZhixiaoGeographic image retrieval, high resolution images, spatial temporal GIS analysis, environment health, invasive speciesDepartment of Geosciences, FAU
Zhang, Xing-HaiPlant physiology, molecular biology and biotechnologyFAU College of Science