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Michael Salmon

Dr. Michael Salmon
  • Research Professor (Retired)
  • FAU Biological Sciences
  • 561 297-2747 (Boca Raton)
  • Boca Raton - SC, 264


  • Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1964

Research Interests

  • Animal behavior

Research Description

I accept only Masters students. My work focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on marine turtles but I’ll consider sponsoring any behaviorally interesting project as long as it’s done with a suitable marine subject. My primary interests are in sensory biology, behavioral development, orientation, migration, biological rhythms, habitat selection, anti-predator adaptations and the management of marine turtle nesting beaches.

Recent Publications

  • Kedzuf, S. & Salmon, M. 2016. Do marine turtles use odors to locate foraging hotspots in the open ocean? Chelonian Conservation and Biology. 15:90–101.
  • Salmon, M., Reising, M., & Stapleton, S. 2016. The evolution of hatchling morphology. Marine Turtle Newsletter. 149:9-12.
  • Salmon, M., Wyneken J., Hamann M. & Whiting S. 2016. Early growth and development of morphological defenses in posthatchling flatbacks (Natator depressus) and green turtles (Chelonia mydas). Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology. 49(6):421-435.
  • Pate, J.H. & Salmon, M. 2017. Ontogenetic niches and the development of body shape in juvenile sea turtles. Chelonian Conservation and Biology. 16(2):185-193.

Scholarly Activities

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