Summer 2022 Courses in the Biological Sciences Department

ornithology Ornithology Lecture (ZOO 4472) & Ornithology Lab (ZOO 4472L)

Lectures focus on topics unique to birds or particularly well studied in birds, including flight, mating systems, and song. Labs are a guided progression through the steps of doing an independent field project, going from finding a question about local birds, through collecting data, to presentation. For lab, we spend Fridays, 7:00 to 9:30 AM in the field, and reconvene in Boca (with Air Conditioning!) until 11:40. Lecture follows from 12:00 - 1:40 PM. For additional information, please see the course advertisement

Contact: Dr. Colin Hughes

sea turtle Biology of Sea Turtles

Undergraduate section (BSC 4939) and Graduate section (ZOO 6406). This online lecture, discussion, and virtual lab, course introduces the behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary adaptations of sea turtles.  Major topics include species identification, functional anatomy and physiology, reproduction, development, nests and hatchlings, migration, navigation, feeding ecology, threats to survival, and conservation strategies.  This is a fast-paced course delivered over 3 weeks. For additional information, please see the course advertisement.

Contact: Dr. Jeanette Wyneken

mol gen Molecular Genetics

Undergraduate section (PCB 4522) and Graduate section (BSC 6936).This course explores molecular details of basic genetic mechanisms with emphasis on transcription and pre-mRNA processing; a detailed review of mechanisms controlling gene expression, including protein and RNA trans factors, and epigenetics; the role of gene expression in complex processes including development and evolution, disease response and cancer; and a survey of techniques used to study and manipulate genomes. Prerequisite for undergraduates is PCB 3063 Principles of Genetics. For additional information, please see the courses advertisement

Contact: Dr. Tim Theisen