Master's Along the Way (MALW) in Biology for Integrative Biology Ph.D. Students

The Department of Biological Sciences offers students within the Integrative Biology Ph.D. core program or one of the program's four concentrations to complete an en passant Master's Along the Way (MALW) degree. In order to be eligible to complete the non-thesis Biology MALW degree, a student must be a current IB Ph.D. student in good standing who has successfully completed the PhD Proposal Defense and 36 credits at the 6000 level or higher, with at least half of these credits (18 credits) consisting of upper-level Biology Department courses. Additional requirements consist of: (1)  two courses in which the student presents a formal seminar (verified by Department during Graduation Audit check), (2) successful defense of the dissertation proposal (candidacy examination) and (3) admission to candidacy, which is confirmed by the Dissertation Committee. For more information about the IB Ph.D. program guidelines, please click here

Students enrolled in the Integrative Biology Ph.D. Program can opt to pursue the non-thesis MALW degree in Biology with the approval of their advisory committee, the M.S. Program Administration, and the PhD Program Administration. IB PhD students will be verified for completion of MALW degree requirements by the Biological Sciences Department during the Graduation Audit check upon admission to candidacy. For more information about the Biology MALW degree, please consult the Biology Master's Along the Way (MALW) Guidelines for IB PhD students under Forms and Policies