Biological Sciences Travel Policy

Research Accounting Travel Information Form Travel Spend Authorization Form Complimentary Travel Form

All Travel Must Be Approved Before Departure Date

Travel Spend Authorization Forms must be submitted a minimum of 5 days before departure in order to be approved. International travel, must give additional time in order for travel to be approved. Registration and Airfare etc. should not be purchased before travel is approved. Reimbursements will be taxed if invoices are not received within 60 days of trip end date. For additional information, please see the university Expense/Travel Policy and Procedures

Required Travel Forms

  • Research Accounting Travel Information Form: used for travel that does not have an agenda (for pCard charges OR out-of-pocket Reimbursements you will also need to fill out a Travel Spend Authorization form)
  • Travel Spend Authorization Form: used for travel for conference/workshops that have an agenda and for items that are being put on a pCard or for out of pocket expense reimbursements
  • Complimentary Travel Form: only used when travel is for FAU business but no reimbursement is necessary
  • Must include justification for travel and benefit to the state

***All travel must include dates and times of departure and returns!

Purchasing Card (pCard) Information

If you are using a pCard for travel, registration, hotel etc. All reservations must be made in the name of the pCard holder. Please make sure to indicate on the travel form that a university pCard will be used and provide an estimate of each charge. This is extremely important because two spend authorizations are created: 

  1. One under the pCard holders name for charging the expense in workday
  2. One under the traveler’s name for reimbursement to traveler

***All travel must be listed under your name, whether it is on pCard or for Reimbursements. Reimbursements cannot be given if you choose to put it under someone else's name!

Items not allowed on pCard or not reimbursed (please see Expense/Travel Policy and Procedures for full list OR the Quick Reference Guide )

  • Alcohol
  • Meals
  • Room Service
  • Limo Service
  • Travel Insurance
  • If you are unsure, please ask before purchasing! 

Registration for a Conference

  • Do not put registration on Pcard if meals are included, pay out of pocket and you will be reimbursed for the registration minus the meal. *Food/banquet tickets etc. are not allowed on pCard
  • On pCard or for reimbursement - Send copy of  Registration and agenda for processing
  • Invoice must show proof of purchase
  • If conference itinerary includes meals, they will be deducted if you are being reimbursed for meals


  • Class of service must be economical rate
  • Invoice must include time of departure/return
  • Baggage charges - receipts required (will not cover additional baggage) You can though justify additional baggage if you are taking items that are required for research purposes)
  • Upgrades are at travelers’ expense
  • Cancelled tickets are at traveler’s expense
  • Invoice must show proof of purchase
  • Upon return - turn boarding passes into office. This is your proof that you traveled if you do not get a boarding pass, turn in your flight travel agenda (e-ticket).


  • $150 is the maximum allowed (if you go over this amount only up to $150 will be reimbursed and if on pCard you will have to reimburse FAU)
  • Hotels at conference location can be justified if over the $150.00
  • If hotel is in Florida and a pCard was used, no tax is allowed (you will have to contact   hotel to have tax removed if it is on a pCard)
  • Do not put the following items on your hotel bill if you are using a pCard. If you use your personal card, the items will be deducted from the reimbursement.  
    1. Meals
    2. Room service
  • On pCard OR for Reimbursement - Send copy of itemized hotel invoice for processing (invoice must include daily charges). If you use an online travel company like Orbitz, you must request an itemized invoice.
  • Invoice must show proof of purchase (you can use credit card statement as proof if necessary)
  • Domestic lodging will be reimbursed at the single occupancy rate unless a room is shared by multiple University travelers resulting in a cost savings to the University. If the hotel receipt indicates double occupancy and the room is not shared with other University traveler(s), the Reimbursement will be reduced unless you provide confirmation from the hotel that the rate is the same for single and double occupancy.

*Please note - that if the traveler is using State Appropriated E&G or Carryforward funds or Contracts and Grants funds, no justification is acceptable for lodging amounts over $150 if the event was organized in whole or in part by a State of Florida agency or university. ***Difference over $150 must be paid from an alternative funding source.

Mileage - $.445 cent per mile

  • On a separate spreadsheet include the following:
    1. Date and times of departure and return and each location traveled to. ***Extremely important
    2. Attach a map (google map or campus-to-campus map found in Workday)
  • For a personal vehicle, gas cannot be claimed

Car Rental

  • Use National/Enterprise (this is preferred for we have a FAU contract)
  • Rent Compact car only (justification will be required if you do not rent a compact car)
  • For pCard charges or reimbursement, an itemized invoice is required
  • If gas is purchased for car rental- you can be reimbursed (must have receipt)

Meals per diem - domestic

            Breakfast         $6.00    (Before 6am and beyond 8am)

            Lunch               $11.00  (Before 12pm and beyond 2pm)

            Dinner              $19.00  (Before 6pm and beyond 8pm)

*Meals for international travel will be reimbursed at the U.S. Department of State Foreign Per Diem Rate. For additional information, please see Expense/Travel Policy and Procedures.


  • Must have receipt to be reimbursed
  • Tips not to exceed %15 of taxi fare or $1 parking


  • Items purchased while traveling can be reimbursed (must have receipt and justification)