Student Requests to Meet with the Department of Biological Sciences Chairman

To meet with the Chair, send an e-mail with all of the below information to Dr. David Binninger, at  A minimum of three weeks’ notice is required to meet with the Chair. 

If you are requesting a grade review, please thoroughly review Regulation 4.002, the Student Academic Grievance Procedure for Grade Reviews, prior to emailing Dr. Binninger. Please note that you cannot pursue 4.002, the grade grievance process, until after a final grade has been assigned for the course. The final course grade is the grade that is grieved. The basis for grievance must be limited to one of three circumstances as outlined in 4.002.

Please include the following in your email:

  1. Your full name and FAU Z-number
  2. If your request is regarding a specific course, the course title and the name of the course instructor
  3. A detailed description of the incident/concern
  4. A detailed description of the actions that you have taken thus far
  5. A clear statement of what you are requesting of the Chairman
  6. A list of days and times during which you are available (three weeks into the future) to meet with the Chair

Please also forward all email correspondence you have had with other faculty or staff that is related to your request to Dr. David Binninger

Your request must contain all of the above information. Incomplete requests will not be reviewed or considered. 

Please note that, per Regulation 4.002, the Chairman will not meet with students who have not first attempted to resolve their dispute with the instructor involved. The instructor involved will also be present at your meeting with the Chairman.