Student Spotlight: Medical Biology Major Vanessa Belizaire

October, 2022 

Vanessa Belizaire

Vanessa Belizaire is embarking on her second year in the Schmidt College of Science’s new medical biology degree program. Belizaire, who was also recently named a Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Schmidt College of Science Soar-in-4 Scholar, chose the program because it offers a background in both research and medicine.

“I am very interested in both research and medicine, and I wanted to have the opportunity to experience both during my undergraduate years before I make a final decision about graduate school,” Belizaire explained.

FAU’s Bachelor of Science in Medical Biology is a rigorous, streamlined, pre-professional program unique in southeast Florida that will enable students to pursue competitive professional training programs in the health sciences. This program is tailored for students who seek entrance into top-tier schools in the fields of medicine, veterinary science, pharmacology and more.  

The first-generation student said that she was grateful for FAU’s Pre-Health Professions team for helping her select classes. “Choosing classes can be overwhelming,” Belizaire said. “They also prevent me from getting my schedule too full so that I won’t overwork myself.”

In the coming months, she expressed her enthusiasm about joining student organizations, beginning a research project and forming relationships with faculty members and her peers. 

So far, Belizaire’s favorite thing about Florida Atlantic is its culture of inclusion. “It’s nearly impossible to distinguish who is a senior and who is a freshman at FAU,” she said. “That makes it easy for a first-generation college student like me to blend in and fully embrace the college experience.”

Belizaire anticipates that she will graduate in summer 2025. 

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