Meet Your Professor: Evelyn Frazier, PhD

My small research enterprise studies the ecology of insect plant interactions and the biology and conservation aspects of gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) population in Palm Beach County.  The research in my laboratory is mostly conducted by undergraduate students, which complements my other research interest which is mentoring undergraduate students in research and developing new programs. I am also interested in Biology Education Research and Mentoring. 

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Tells us about you and how you came to be a Biologist

My interest in biology originated from high school classes with brilliant biology teachers. I had three awesome biologists who taught ecology, zoology, and cell biology. I made my decision to pursue biology in high school. Teachers can have a huge impact on students' career decisions. I was grateful for my teachers. 

Tell us about an Aha! moment in your research.

I have had several aha moments but the most memorable and most dear to me occurred when I started teaching different biology courses, from cell biology through genetics, zoology and ecology, and I could see how all of biology was connected and life operated through the same biological principles. It did not matter whether the organism was a virus, bacteria, or an elephant - life was organized around the same basic principles. That realization was pure BEAUTY!

How would you describe your teaching approach? 

I like to involve students in their learning and engage them so that they become interested in learning. There is really no teaching going on in a classroom, only transfer of information or knowledge in small comprehensible bits of information that students can understand. It is the students who do all the learning. I like to involve and motivate students and make students take responsibility for their own learning. 

A word of wisdom for our new Medical Biology undergraduate students...

Be organized with your class assignments, read the assigned book chapters ahead of lecture, and enjoy the journey of learning.

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