Integrative Biology-Biomedical Science Ph.D. Program Degree Requirements

The Biomedical Science concentration falls under the umbrella of the Integrative Biology major and students accepted to the concentration are subject to all Integrative Biology policies and regulations as well as additional regulations that are specific to each concentration. Below are degree requirements specific to the Biomedical Science Concentration:

Biomedical Science Concentration (IBBS) Core Courses
Students who enter the IBBS concentration without a core course or equivalent must complete one of the core courses listed below. When this course is completed, it may be used toward fulfillment of the 9-credit Integrative Biology elective requirement.

Biomedical Data and Informatics   BSC 6459   3
Scientific Writing   BSC 6846   3
Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology   PCB 5532   3
Human Genetics   PCB 6665   3


Biomedical Science Concentration (IBBS) Electives
Students may choose from the following approved IBBS electives toward fulfillment of the 9-credit Integrative Biology elective requirement. Students may elect to complete up to 6 credits designated Special Topics with the approval of their Ph.D. supervisor. 

Integrated Morphology 1    BMS 6102C    4
Integrated Morphology 2    BMS 6104C    4
Autonomic Function and Disease    BMS 6523    3
Fundamentals of General Pathology    BMS 6601    3
Brain Diseases: Mechanism and Therapy    BMS 6736    3
Macromolecules and Human Disease    GMS 6301    3
Molecular Basis of Disease and Therapy    GMS 6302    3
Host Defense and Inflammation    MCB 6208    3
Neurobiology of Addiction    PCB 5844    3
Advanced Cell Physiology    PCB 6207    3
Molecular Basis of Human Cancer    PCB 6235    3
Problem-Based Immunology    PCB 6238    3
Tumor Immunology    PCB 6239    3
Biomedical Data and Informatics    PCB 6459    3
Molecular Biology of the Cardiovascular System and Cardiac Disease    PCB 6705    3
Adult Neurogenesis    PCB 6848    3
Physiology of the Heart    PCB 6885    3
Developmental Neurobiology    PSB 6515    3


For additional information regarding criteria which must be met by students participating in the biomedical science concentration, see the program guidelines document with the Forms and Policies section of this website.

Participants in the Integrative Biology-Biomedical Science Ph.D. Program are also eligible to complete an en passant Master's degree (along the way). Additional information about Integrative Biology concentration options and the Master's Along the Way (MALW) in Biology option can be found here.