Doctoral Degree in Integrative Biology-Marine Science and Oceanography

Completion of the Marine Science and Oceanography concentration provides students with a board understanding of oceanographic science along with the research and inquiry skills necessary to conduct research independently within their area of specialization. The IBMO curriculum provides both knowledge-based and laboratory- and field-based courses that promote the cross-disciplinary training that students need to face the complex challenges of 21st century science. IBMO faculty have expertise in diverse ocean  ecosystems, including developed and undeveloped coastlines, large estuaries and both deep sea and coastal waters, and support development of the students’ research in areas of water quality, hydrology, coastal ecology, biogeochemical cycling, endangered and invasive species, ocean megafauna fisheries and aquaculture, harmful algal blooms, urbanization and underwater optical imaging and ocean monitoring systems.

The Marine Science and Oceanography concentration falls under the umbrella of the Integrative Biology major and students accepted to the concentration are subject to all Integrative Biology policies and regulations as well as additional regulations that are specific to the concentration. 

Participants in the Integrative Biology Ph.D. Program are also eligible to complete an en passant Master's degree (along the way).  Additional information about Integrative Biology concentration options and the Master's Along the Way (MALW) option can be found here.