M.S. in Teaching Degree (Non-Thesis Option #2)

The Masters of Science in Teaching is designed for graduate students who are interested in furthering their knowledge in biological sciences for a career in teaching at various levels, including Elementary, Secondary, Early Childhood Education and Community College. MST graduate students work closely with an advisor to develop a program of courses that best fit their needs and interests. MST students are required to complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of course work. In addition, students must take 6 credits in approved courses in education or another cognate field if they plan to teach in high school and hold a rank III secondary certificate, or if they intend to teach in a community college. Six additional credits (beyond the 30 credits minimum) of education internship are required, except for those students with two years of teaching experience or who have completed student teaching or a teaching internship at a secondary school or junior college level. Students must pass a written comprehensive examination administered by the student’s committee (a minimum of three-faculty members) covering biological sciences.  Students must also take approved courses in education (or another cognate field) if they plan to teach in high school and hold a rank III secondary certificate or if the student intends to teach at a community college.