Integrative Biology-Biomedical Science Concentration Program Faculty

Name Area of Emphasis
Ajemian, Matthew Fisheries ecology and conservation
Anderson, Rindy Behavioral ecology, communication, cognition, sexual selection
Asghar, Waseem Micro and nanotechnology in medicine
Baldwin, John D. Population genetics and reproductive biology
Benscoter, Brian Plant and wetland ecology and fire ecology
Binninger, David Role of oxidative damage to proteins in aging
Blakely, Randy D. Synaptic Genetics, Neurochemistry and Pharmacology; Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Transporter Proteins and Psychoactive Drugs
Blanks, Janet Mammalian retinal development, differentiation and neuroprotection
Bolton, M. McLean Disorders of neural circuit function
Bossart, Gregory Clinical domestic, marine mammal, fish, and avian medicine and wildlife pathology
Brew, Keith Developing and evaluating a novel approach for OA treatment employing engineered proteins and other molecules that specifically block the enzymes responsible for degrading cartilage in OA
Brooks, Randy Marine behavioral ecology, symbiology, coral reefs
Caputi, Massimo mRNA processing, mRNA splicing regulation, HIV-1 replication, Bcl apoptotic gene family regulation
Chiba, Akira Molecular neuroscience
Christie, Jason Mechanisms of synaptic signaling and computation
Claiborne, Brenda J. Neuronal development in human hippocampal formation and learning in aged individuals
Davis, Ronald L. Molecular and cellular basis for learning; diseases that affect learning and memory
Dawson-Scully, Ken Neurobiology of cellular stress and neuroprotection using live cell imaging, electrophysiology and behavior genetics
Detwiler, Kate Primate hybridization and speciation, molecular primatology, primate behavioral ecology, conservation of African monkeys and their rainforest habitats
Dorn, Nathan Freshwater ecology and community ecology
Encomio, Vincent The oyster reef restoration project: restoration of the oyster beds of the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon
Esiobu, Nwadiuto Environmental microbiology, drug resistance and antimicrobiosis
Fadiman, Maria Ethnobotany, Latin America, world cultures and environments, environmental issues, rain forest ecosystems
Feller, Ilka Animal-plant interactions; insect-plant interactions in estuarine and forested ecosystems
Fenton, Andre Neuro coordination, recording electrical brain activity
Fields, Gregg B. Extracellular matrix biochemistry, synthetic protein design and construction
Fitzpatrick, David Functional organization and development of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex, neural basis of visual perception
Frank, Tamara Zooplankton/nekton ecology and the visual ecology of marine animals
Gawlik, Dale Avian and wetland ecology
Gerstein, Edmund Marine mammal acoustics
Gibble, Rebekah Wetland management and conservation
Godenschwege, Tanja Molecular and cellular neuroscience, neurodevelopment, cellular basis of neurological disorders and drug discovery
Grill, Brock Molecular mechanisms of nervous system development
Guthrie, Kathleen Neurobiology
Guzman-Ramirez , Esther Discovery of novel cancer therapeutics including both development of novel molecular target based assays and determination of the mechanism of action of compounds
Hanisak, M. Dennis Physiological Ecology of Marine Plants (Macroalgae and Seagrasses), Nutrient Dynamics, Coral Reef Ecology, Biology of Deep-water Macroalgae, Aquaculture (particularly Marine Plant Cultivation)
Hartmann, James X. Immunotherapy for adult chronic lymphocytic leukemia and lupus
Herzing, Denise Marine mammal behavior
Houghten, Richard The tea bag method (solvent permeable packets used during polypeptide synthesis), combinatorial chemistry
Huang, Xupei Cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, molecular cardiology
Hueter, Robert Anatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology, and fisheries biology of sharks worldwide
Hughes, Colin Evolutionary and conservation genetics
Iragavarapu-Charyulu, Vijaya Immunology, inflammation and cancer
Isgor, Ceylan Neuromorphological, behavioral and molecular consequences of chronic, variable stress during peripubertal-juvenile period in rats
Ja, William Molecular genetics of aging, behavior and disease
Jia, Kailiang Molecular regulation of aging
Kajiura, Stephen Functional morphology and sensory biology of marine fish
Kamasawa, Naomi Electron microscopy
Kantorow, Marc The molecular genetics of eye diseases including age-related human cataract and age-related macular degeneration
Keene, Alex Neurogenetics and the evolution of behavior
Kirchman, Paul How mitochondrial metabolism, mitochondrial DNA polymorphism, and oxidative stress influence cellular aging
Kishi, Shuji Gene identification and phenotype characterization; Age-related disorders in humans, using zebrafish as a model system
Klofstad, Casey Societal and biological influences on human behavior
Koch-Rose, Marguerite Marine botany, nutrient cycling and climate change in tropical marine systems
Kumi-Diaka, J. K. Reproductive pathophysiology and oncology
Kwon, Hyungbae Understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of experience-dependent neural circuit modification using a mouse model
Li, Zhongwei RNA metabolism, oxidative stress, biodefense
Lu, Michael RNA metabolism, RNA therapy, bacterial genomics
Lyons, Jay Cellular physiology and cell signaling processes
Macleod, Greg Mitochondrial support of neurotransmission, pH influences on synaptic plasticity, neurotransmission and aging
Mansfield, Kate Marine biology and vertebrate zoology with an emphasis on sea turtle ecology, behavior, habitat use, and conservation
Martemyanov, Kirill Striatal signaling and drug addiction, G protein signal transduction pathways, molecular mechanisms of vision
McCarthy, Peter Cultivation and identification of the symbiotic microbes present in deep-water marine sponges; screening for novel antimicrobial agents from marine invertebrates and microbes; and finding biotechnological applications for microbial products
Miller, Courtney Neurobiological underpinnings of memory disorders, with the goal of developing novel therapeutics
Miller, Debra Pathology of wildlife and exotic species (especially amphibians, sea turtles and marine mammals)
Milton, Sarah L. Vertebrate anoxia tolerance, marine turtle physiology
Murphey, Rod Development and degeneration of synapses
Narayanan, Ramaswamy Bioinformatics, cancer gene discovery and drug discovery
Noonburg, Erik Ecological modeling
O'Corry-Crowe, Greg Investigating interactions between these apex predators and their environment
Oleinikov, Andrew Malaria studies with emphasis on mechanisms of sequestration of infected erythrocytes, protective immune response and vaccine development, anti-adhesion drugs; high throughput and engineering approaches to advance studies of complex biological systems
Paegel, Brian Assembly of cell-like compartments
Paul, Valerie Ecological roles of marine natural products, impact of toxic cyanobacterial (Lynbya spp.) blooms on coral reef habitats
Perry, Gary Molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating cell growth during neural development, regeneration, plasticity and neo-plasticity; SIDS; educational neuroscience: brain-based learning
Pomponi, Shirley Developing in vitro techniques for production of sponge-derived bioactive molecules
Porter, Marianne E. Biomechanics and functional morphology and physiology
Prentice, Howard Hypoxia and the cardiovascular system
Proffitt, C. Edward Ecology of marine macrophytes and invertebrates
Puthanveettil, Sathyanarayanan Molecular and cellular basis of long-term memory storage and its disorders
Rathinavelu, Appu Standardization and application of real-time PCR techniques in gene expression
Rumbaugh, Gavin How synaptic proteins actively contribute to memory formation and storage
Salmon, Michael Animal behavior
Saunders, Mary Jane Plant biology, nanostructures, electron microscopy
Schummers, James Cortical circuits
Shen, Wen Neurophysiology, receptor pharmacology, synapsis, glutamate toxicity
Shibata, Yoshimi Immunology
Stackman, Jr., Robert W. Learning and memory
Stewart, Kelly Marine vertebrate ecology and behavior, population dynamics and genetics, biogeography, threatened species biology and conservation and field biology
Sutton, Tracey T. Quantitative ecology and structure of marine ecosystems
Taniguchi, Hiroki Development and function of inhibitory neural circuits
Tao, Rui Neural circuits affected by drug abuse, Psychostimulant-induced hallucinations, Environmental factor-dependent effects of psychostimulants
Thompson, Nancy Marine science
Tomchik, Seth Neuromodulation of memory circuits, neuronal circuits and behavior, imaging brain function in health and disease
Vertes, Robert Behavioral neuroscience, functional organization of the brainstem and its role in controlling the activity of the forebrain and neurophysiology of sleep
Volin, John Conservation biology
Voss, Joshua Coral reef ecology, development of advance molecular technologies with field-based ecological applications, molecular profiling of bacterial communities, marine conservation and management, integration within and among academic disciplines
Wang, Guojun Marine natural product biosynthesis and drug discovery, microbial genetics, genome mining, metagenomics, single cell genomics, enzyme function and engineering, metabolic engineering, and medicinal chemistry
Wei, Jianning Neurodegenerative disorders
Weissbach, Herbert Effect of oxidative stress on normal and cancer cells
Widder, Edith Protection and restoration of marine ecosystems, and the species they sustain
Wojcikiewicz, Ewa Inflammation and cancer research
Wu, Jang Yen Neurotransmission and brain disorders
Wyneken, Jeanette Integrative biology, comparative and functional morphology
Xu, Baoji How neural circuits are formed, modified, and maintained in the brain
Yasuda, Ryohei Neuronal signal transduction
Zhang, Xing-Hai Plant physiology, molecular biology and biotechnology