Doctoral Degree in Integrative Biology-Environmental Science

Completion of the Environmental Science concentration provides students with advanced research and technical training that prepares them to find solutions to some of the world's most difficult environmental problems. Habitat degradation, invasive species, contaminants and climate change challenge land and water managers in South Florida and indeed the world. IBES faculty have considerable experience conducting research to address these difficult conservation problems, particularly in South Florida's extensive freshwater and marine ecosystems. The IBES curriculum emphasizes experiential learning through dissertation research, combined with innovative courses in the fields of ecology, conservation biology, environmental chemistry, geographic information systems, statistics and modeling.

The Environmental Science concentration falls under the umbrella of the Integrative Biology major and students accepted to the concentration are subject to all Integrative Biology policies and regulations as well as additional regulations that are specific to the concentration. 

 Participants in the Integrative Biology Ph.D. Program are also eligible to complete an en passant Master's degree (along the way).  Additional information about Integrative Biology concentration options and the Master's Along the Way (MALW) option can be found here.