Integrative Biology-Biomedical Science Concentration Program Faculty

NameArea of EmphasisInstitution
Ajemian, MatthewFisheries ecology and conservationFAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Allani, ShailajaThe role of oxidative stress on aging and age-related diseasesFAU Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anderson, RindyBehavioral ecology, communication, cognition, sexual selectionFAU College of Science
Asghar, WaseemMicro and nanotechnology in medicineFAU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Assis, RaquelData science applications in evolutionary genomicsFAU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Baldwin, John D.Population genetics and reproductive biologyFAU College of Science
Barenholtz, ElanPsychophysical and computational approaches to visual and multisensory perception and recognition.FAU Psychology and Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
Baronas-Lowell, Ph.D., DianeAntibiotic Discovery, Molecular Biology, Citizen ScienceIcon, PLC Bioanalytical Labs
Beckler, JordonDeveloping and applying autonomous biogeochemical sensing technologies to constrain fundamental elemental cycling mechanisms and rates in redox environmentsFAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Bidaye, SalilNeuronal control of locomotionMax Planck Florida Institute
Binninger, DavidRole of oxidative damage to proteins in agingFAU College of Science
Blakely, Randy D.Synaptic Genetics, Neurochemistry and Pharmacology; Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Transporter Proteins and Psychoactive DrugsFAU Brain Institute
Bolton, M. McLeanDisorders of neural circuit functionMax Planck Florida Institute
Brooks, RandyMarine behavioral ecology, symbiology, coral reefsFAU College of Science
Caputi, MassimomRNA processing, mRNA splicing regulation, HIV-1 replication, Bcl apoptotic gene family regulationFAU College of Medicine
Chaves-Fonnegra, AndiaProcesses that structure marine habitats, especially coral reefs ecosystems; interactions among organisms and the surrounding environment; reproduction, evolution and connectivity of populations, particularly of sponges, corals and algae; how ecosystems and ecological interactions are altered by anthropogenic activitiesFAU Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College
Cherubin, LaurentOcean and ecosystem dynamics, and marine connectivity. Tools consist of numerical modeling and field observations using autonomous platforms such as glider and advanced aerial and underwater sensing techniques.FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Claiborne, BrendaNeuronal development in human hippocampal formation and learning in aged individualsFAU College of Science
Coen, LaurenOyster reef ecology, functioning and associated ecosystem services; marine habitat restoration; remote sensing and monitoring of intertidal habitats and water quality; benthic and shoreline ecology, plant-animal interactionsFAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Curet, OscarBiological propulsion, the interconnection of fluid dynamics and animal locomotion, biomimetics, energy harvesting, bat flight, fish swimming, and direct simulation of freely swimming fish.FAU Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
Davis, MeganDevelop aquaculture species for food, stock enhancement and to ease fishing pressure on wild stocksFAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Davis, Ronald L.Molecular and cellular basis for learning; diseases that affect learning and memoryThe Scripps Research Institute
Dawson-Scully, Ken Neurobiology of cellular stress and neuroprotection using live cell imaging, electrophysiology and behavior geneticsNova Southeastern University
DeGiorgio, MichaelData science applications in population genomicsFAU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Detwiler, KatePrimate hybridization and speciation, molecular primatology, primate behavioral ecology, conservation of African monkeys and their rainforest habitatsFAU College of Arts and Letters
Dorn, NathanFreshwater ecology and community ecologyFlorida International University
Du, SarahBiosensors and microfluidics for the study of cell biomechanics and biophysics, crossing disciplines by utilizing microfabrication, biosensing techniques, soft matter mechanics, biomaterials, and cell biologyFAU Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
Duboue, ErikEffects of early stress on brain circuitry and function and the etiology of Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderFAU Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College
Encomio, VincentThe oyster reef restoration project: restoration of the oyster beds of the St. Lucie River and Indian River LagoonFlorida Oceanographic Society
Engeberg, ErikBiomedical and Bioinspired robotics, sensors, actuators, control systemsFAU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Esiobu, NwadiutoEnvironmental microbiology, drug resistance and antimicrobiosisFAU College of Science
Fadiman, MariaEthnobotany, Latin America, world cultures and environments, environmental issues, rain forest ecosystemsFAU Geosciences
Fahimipour, AshkaanCommunity ecology, networks, data science, mathematical modeling of ecosystemsFAU College of Science
Feller, IlkaAnimal-plant interactions; insect-plant interactions in estuarine and forested ecosystemsSmithsonian Environmental Research Center
Fields, Gregg B.Extracellular matrix biochemistry, synthetic protein design and constructionFAU Chemistry and Biochemistry; Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Fitzpatrick, DavidFunctional organization and development of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex, neural basis of visual perceptionMax Planck Florida Institute
Fontenas, LauraDevelopmental neurobiology, glia - from neural precursors to myelinating cells, and nervous system transition zonesFAU College of Science
Ghoraani, BehnazBiomedical signal analysis, data science, machine learning, deep learning, long-term and continuous health monitoring, remote and personalized therapeutic management, Cardiac electrophysiology, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's diseaseFAU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Gibble, RebekahWetland management and conservationArthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Godenschwege, TanjaMolecular and cellular neuroscience, neurodevelopment, cellular basis of neurological disorders and drug discoveryFAU College of Science
Goodbody-Gringley, GretchenUnderstanding how coral reef ecosystems function in order to maintain biodiversity; health, evolution, and resilience of coral reefs, ranging from shallow inshore reefs to the mesophotic zoneBermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Grant, PatrickChromatin Biology and EpigeneticsBiomedical Science, FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Guthrie, KathleenNeurobiologyBiomedical Science, FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Guzman, EstherDiscovery of novel cancer therapeutics including both development of novel molecular target based assays and determination of the mechanism of action of compoundsHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Hahn, WilliamDeep learning neural networks, sparse modeling, compressed sensing, adversarial networks, and reinforcement learning models of brain function.FAU Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
Hallstrom, JasonSensing systems, data management, affective computing, software engineeringFAU College of Engineering and Computer Science
Hanisak, M. DennisPhysiological Ecology of Marine Plants (Macroalgae and Seagrasses), Nutrient Dynamics, Coral Reef Ecology, Biology of Deep-water Macroalgae, Aquaculture (particularly Marine Plant Cultivation)Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Hansen, CarlUnderstanding G-protein mediated signaling inputs regulating angiogenesisFAU College of Science
Hartmann, James X.Immunotherapy for adult chronic lymphocytic leukemia and lupusFAU College of Science
Herzing, DeniseMarine mammal behaviorWild Dolphin Project
Huang, XupeiCardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, molecular cardiologyBiomedical Science, FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Hueter, RobertAnatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology, and fisheries biology of sharks worldwideMote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium
Hughes, ColinEvolutionary and conservation geneticsFAU College of Science
Inagaki, HidehikoNeural dynamics and cognitive functionsMax Planck Florida Institute
Iragavarapu-Charyulu, VijayaImmunology, inflammation and cancerFAU Biomedical Science
Isgor, CeylanNeuromorphological, behavioral and molecular consequences of chronic, variable stress during peripubertal-juvenile period in ratsBiomedical Science, FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Isom, DanielpH regulation of cell signaling, drug discovery, informaticsMolecular and Cellular Pharmacology, University of Miami
Ja, WilliamMolecular genetics of aging, behavior and diseaseThe Scripps Research Institute
Jia, KailiangMolecular regulation of agingFAU College of Science
Jiang, MingshunEstuarine and coastal dynamics, ocean iron and carbon cycles, water quality, ecosystem functioning, and coastal inundation.FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Kajiura, StephenFunctional morphology and sensory biology of marine fishFAU College of Science
Kamasawa, NaomiElectron microscopyMax Planck Florida Institute
Kang, KevinBiomaterials, stem cell and tissue engineering, and bone regeneration.FAU Ocean and Mechanical Engineering
Kantorow, MarcThe molecular genetics of eye diseases including age-related human cataract and age-related macular degenerationBiomedical Science, FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Kelso, ScottMechanisms of self-organization underlying the coordination of brain and behavior.FAU Psychology and Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
Khamoui, AndyUse of pre-clinical mouse models and human subjects to study cancer cachexia, skeletal muscle biology, exercise physiology, and mitochondrial function in health and disease.FAU Exercise Science and Health Promotion
Kishi, ShujiGene identification and phenotype characterization; Age-related disorders in humans, using zebrafish as a model systemThe Scripps Research Institute
Klofstad, CaseySocietal and biological influences on human behaviorDepartment of Political Science, University of Miami
Koch-Rose, MargueriteMarine botany, nutrient cycling and climate change in tropical marine systemsFAU College of Science
Kumi-Diaka, J. K.Reproductive pathophysiology and oncologyFAU College of Science
Levy, ArkeneUnderstanding mechanisms of resistance in cancer and development of combination treatment strategiesCollege of Medical Sciences, Nova Southeastern University
Li, DaweiGenomics and bioinformaticsFAU Biomedical Science
Li, ZhongweiRNA metabolism, oxidative stress, biodefenseBiomedical Science, FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Lu, MichaelRNA metabolism, RNA therapy, bacterial genomicsBiomedical Science, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Lyons, JayCellular physiology and cell signaling processesFAU College of Science
Macleod, GregMitochondrial support of neurotransmission, pH influences on synaptic plasticity, neurotransmission and agingFAU Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College
Mansfield, KateMarine biology and vertebrate zoology with an emphasis on sea turtle ecology, behavior, habitat use, and conservationUniversity of Central Florida
Mari, FrankPeptides and proteins of marine origin, especially those from predatory venomous mollusks belonging to the genus Conus (cone snails), biochemically and functionally characterize components of interest Hollings Marine Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Matilsky, MichaelEmbryology and AndrologyIVF Laboratory at Boca Fertility
McCarthy, PeterCultivation and identification of the symbiotic microbes present in deep-water marine sponges; screening for novel antimicrobial agents from marine invertebrates and microbes; and finding biotechnological applications for microbial productsHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
McCoy, KristaUnderstanding how environmental pollutants alter development, physiology, and behavior, and to devise ways to ameliorate their negative effects- from molecules to populations.FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
McCoy, MichaelMy research combines observational, experimental, and mathematical approaches to better understand the ecological and evolutionary processes that regulate populations, communities and ecosystems. FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Miller, CourtneyNeurobiological underpinnings of memory disorders, with the goal of developing novel therapeuticsThe Scripps Research Institute
Miller, DebraPathology of wildlife and exotic species (especially amphibians, sea turtles and marine mammals)Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, University of Tennessee
Milton, Sarah L.Vertebrate anoxia tolerance, marine turtle physiologyFAU College of Science
Murphey, RodDevelopment and degeneration of synapsesFAU College of Science
O'Corry-Crowe, GregInvestigating interactions between these apex predators and their environmentHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Oleinikov, AndrewMalaria studies with emphasis on mechanisms of sequestration of infected erythrocytes, protective immune response and vaccine development, anti-adhesion drugs; high throughput and engineering approaches to advance studies of complex biological systemsDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Page, DamonGenetic regulation of growth and connectivity in the developing brain, and how cognition is shaped by the interplay of these "hard-wiring" processes and adaptation via plasticity. The Scripps Research Institute
Page-Karjian, AnnieInvestigating the epidemiology, pathogenesis, and disease ecology of infectious diseases and neoplasia of marine mammals and turtles.FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Paul, ValerieEcological roles of marine natural products, impact of toxic cyanobacterial (Lynbya spp.) blooms on coral reef habitatsSmithsonian Marine Station
Pena, RodrigoComputational Neuroscience and Machine Learning; How different levels of brain organization communicate; Pathological and healthy states; Ion channels, neurons, and networks.FAU College of Science
Perry, GaryMolecular and cellular mechanisms regulating cell growth during neural development, regeneration, plasticity and neo-plasticity; SIDS; educational neuroscience: brain-based learningCenter for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, FAU
Pomponi, ShirleyDeveloping in vitro techniques for production of sponge-derived bioactive moleculesHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Porter, Marianne E.Biomechanics and functional morphology and physiologyFAU College of Science
Prentice, HowardHypoxia and the cardiovascular systemDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Proffitt, C. EdwardEcology of marine macrophytes and invertebratesTexas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Puthanveettil, SathyanarayananMolecular and cellular basis of long-term memory storage and its disordersThe Scripps Research Institute
Rangaraju, VidhyaCellular and Molecular Neuroscience, NeuroenergeticsMax Planck Florida Institute
Rathinavelu, AppuStandardization and application of real-time PCR techniques in gene expressionDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nova Southeastern University
Riche, MartinNutrition and physiology of aquatic animals, larval marine fishFAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Robishaw, JanetGenomics and Precision MedicineBiomedical Science, FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Rumbaugh, GavinHow synaptic proteins actively contribute to memory formation and storageThe Scripps Research Institute
Salmon, MichaelAnimal behaviorFAU College of Science
Shanbhag, VenkateshOrganic Synthesis, Bio-active molecules, Natural ProductsDepartment of Chemistry and Physics, Nova Southeastern University
Shen, WenNeurophysiology, receptor pharmacology, synapsis, glutamate toxicityDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Stackman, Jr., Robert W.Learning and memoryDepartment of Psychology and Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, FAU
Stern, SarahNeuroscience, Neural Circuits and Behavior, TranscriptomicsMax Planck Florida Institute
Stewart, KellyMarine vertebrate ecology and behavior, population dynamics and genetics, biogeography, threatened species biology and conservation and field biologySouthwest Fisheries Science Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Sutton, Tracey T.Quantitative ecology and structure of marine ecosystemsDepartment of Marine and Environmental Sciences, Nova Southeastern
Tao, RuiNeural circuits affected by drug abuse, Psychostimulant-induced hallucinations, Environmental factor-dependent effects of psychostimulantsDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Telkes, IlknurBiomedical signal processing and machine learning, neural markers, neuromodulation implants (e.g., spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation), chronic pain, movement disorders, clinical research, medical technologiesFAU College of Medicine
Thompson, NancyMarine scienceKeys Marine Laboratory
Toll, LawrenceNeuropharmacology of opioid and nicotinic receptors with respect to pain and drug abuseFAU College of Medicine
Van Praag, HenrietteRegulation and function of adult hippocampal neurogenesisDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Varela, CarmenThalamic circuits and their contribution to the mechanisms of learning.FAU Psychology
Vertes, RobertBehavioral neuroscience, functional organization of the brainstem and its role in controlling the activity of the forebrain and neurophysiology of sleepDepartment of Psychology and Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, FAU
Volin, JohnConservation biologyDepartment of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Connecticut
Voss, JoshuaCoral reef ecology, development of advance molecular technologies with field-based ecological applications, molecular profiling of bacterial communities, marine conservation and management, integration within and among academic disciplinesHarbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Wang, YingxueNeuronal mechanisms of episodic memoryMax Planck Florida Institute
Wei, JianningNeurodegenerative disordersDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Weissbach, Herbert Effect of oxidative stress on normal and cancer cellsFAU College of Science
West, LyndonDiscovery of pharmacologically-active metabolites from marine invertebrates, anti-cancer and anti-microbial agents, use of stem cells in developing new drugs for cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseasesFAU Chemistry and Biochemistry
Widder, EdithProtection and restoration of marine ecosystems, and the species they sustainOcean Research and Conservation Association
Wojcikiewicz, EwaInflammation and cancer researchDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Wu, Jang YenNeurotransmission and brain disordersDepartment of Biomedical Science, FAU
Wyneken, JeanetteIntegrative biology, comparative and functional morphologyFAU College of Science
Xu, BaojiHow neural circuits are formed, modified, and maintained in the brainThe Scripps Research Institute
Yasuda, RyoheiNeuronal signal transductionMax Planck Florida Institute
Zhang, Xing-HaiPlant physiology, molecular biology and biotechnologyFAU College of Science