About Us

Who We Are

The FAU Marine Science Laboratory faculty and students study marine organisms and how they interact with their environment. Since its construction in 1990, the Marine Lab has been the primary research site for 185 peer-reviewed publications and 9 book chapters. Today the Marine Lab houses the work of six different principal investigators and their students, researching a wide range of marine species and topics from sea turtle development to shark sensory biology to marine plant ecology and functions. Students “get their hands wet” by regularly participating in the ongoing research as part of their coursework. They learn from world-renowned scientists in their field and graduate with a clearer understanding of the scientific process through their active participation.

Our Vision

The vision of the FAU Marine Science Laboratory is to create meaningful educational opportunities for students, to contribute new knowledge through research, and to educate our community about the importance of the marine environment for an understanding of the natural world.

Our Mission

The mission of the FAU Marine Science Laboratory is to conduct internationally recognized research; excel in student training; address regional, national, and international concerns; and communicate understandable scientific information to the public.  Curiosity, inquiry, and discovery are the fundamental principles we embrace to address problems of scientific importance and find solutions to coastal and marine challenges.

Community Engagement

A major part of our mission at the FAU Marine Science Laboratory involves engaging directly with our community and providing educational opportunities for sharing the knowledge that we discover. Our research takes us all over, from nearby beaches to international sites, to conferences where our scientists shed insight on the innovations and discoveries unique to our lab. Much of our important work takes place within our local community. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge publicly via outreach, whether it be in our on-site visitors’ gallery (see  Visit Us  page for more information), through our monthly newsletter ( subscribe today! ), or at the many events we attend annually. In the past year (2022-2023), our lab has attended over a dozen outreach events and reached an audience of over 23,000 students, teachers, and members of our community. Come pay us a visit in the visitors’ gallery today or say hello at one of our outreach events. Be sure to  follow us  on social media to learn where you can find us next!

Marine Science Lab in Action!